What we do

Four program pillars

1. Facilitating the practice of democracy.
Strengthening democratic party structures through trainings, workshops and exposure and sharing visits for political actors.

2. Enhancing women's participation in decision making processes.
Network meetings, workshops and trainings as well as sharing and exposure visits.

3. People's democratic empowerment through civil society.
Facilitating access to information; strengthening civil social networks and grassroots participatory democracy through connecting social networks and developing a flexible and responsive national and regional network to support pro-active ethnic and civil society initiatives. Creating a framework for local activities towards the next elections.

4. Local development and decentralization strategies as participatory tools.
Developing local development concepts, sharing information on decentralization and participatory democracy, adapting information to the Burmese context.
Including sharing and awareness raising on the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility/doing business with respect for human rights.

BCN also works to facilitate information sharing and exchange of experiences between Burma/Myanmar and other Asian and non Asian countries, and will remain alert with regard to the effects of FDI and economic strategies in the country.

Objectives and results

Overall objective: Promotion of all inclusive democracy, ethnic reconciliation and sustainable development through making use of the existing democratic space in Burma/Myanmar.
Strengthening political and civil society actors, including women, from the grassroots level up, to foster inclusive and participatory democratic processes with respect for diversity and human rights.

Overall expected result: A more inclusive democratic process in Myanmar through capacitated political participation of the (ethnic) opposition and civil society from the grassroots level up, based on consultative processes within society.
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